Monitor your home or business from anywhere

Meet Cammy, the camera based alarm system you can trust to keep your home or business safe.


Introduce customers to your shop with lifestyle imagery and product photography.

Easy set up in minutes

All you need is a router for the set up, access to power and a smartphone with the Cammy app.
Plug into power
Connect to WiFi
Start Monitoring

2 Alien indoor HD cameras

When you buy Cammy you get 2 high performance HD 1080p Wifi cameras. With a wide field of vision that's perfect for any room, the Alien camera is sleek and stylish and sits well on any desk, countertop or windowsill. Set them up to monitor activity during the day or night and communicate with 2-way audio.

Cammy Hub

Every Cammy pack includes the Cammy Hub, a small yet powerful device that stores footage from your cameras in high definition video. Whether it’s monitoring a pet's movement throughout the day, a baby sleeping, or collecting critical evidence of a break-in, the Cammy Hub gives you a crystal clear view of the events that matter. 

Peace of mind wherever you go

With Cammy you’re one tap away from home with quick access to live view, all motion events, your alarm settings and much more.

  • See a timeline of events

    View all events in a timeline starting with the most recent footage captured.

  • Get alerts for person detection

    Get phone and/or email alerts when your cameras detect movement from a person.

  • Be there with live view

    Tap to see a live view of your cameras from anywhere, anytime.

  • 30 day cloud storage

    Look back at events captured. Scroll, or search by day or time.

Home Security System

An intruder has broken into Julie's home, thanks to Cammy an alert in sent to Julie's so she is able to act quickly and contact the Police immediately.

Cammy Premium

Every Cammy camera comes with a free 30 day trial to Cammy Premium. You need to opt in to continue enjoying Cammy Premium after your free trial and you can cancel anytime. Cammy Premium includes:
Person Alerts

Get alerts when a person is detected. No false alerts from pets and light changes.

All event images

See all images from each event with motion.

Unlimited warranty

Display up to six features with an option to toggle icons on or off, and add unique calls to action.

What our customers are saying

"Set up on mobile phones and tablets is so easy. It took me less than five minutes to have it up and running. It's the only camera software I would use. Well done, Cammy."

"I love the cams and brilliant service too! I got them for peace of mind for my pets. One of my dogs recently had some seizures, now I can make sure she's safe whilst I'm at work."

"Your system saved my home from intruders. I was at work but police were on site within 10 minutes. No arrest but it had the desired effect. Great product and service."